could the boy have landed headfirst and now be stuck in the ooze?

As much as I adore winter (such that it was this year), when September hits, I find myself delighted and happy. Perhaps I don’t adore winter as much as I think I do.

I’m happy despite shelling out even more cash to dishy-dentist this afternoon (total of my dental outlay so far this year: approximately $3800) and my teeth were quite good, or so they tell me! I’m simply having some quite elderly filings in my molars replaced with inlays (I think inlays is what they are called). I imagine there will be a couple of thousand more to go, it’s times like these I think a health fund would be a good idea (although it would only give me about a quarter or less back).

3/4 of my tongue is numb and tingly and I really wish it would stop.

Fenton returns on Saturday (and there will be much rejoicing) for a couple of weeks and then is off again just as I’ve had time to readjust to a balanced bed. I think I need yoga, or a rack, or one of those things that let you hang upside down in a door jamb (google tells me it is called an inversion rack).<

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