the stout boy gulped. “they’re going to use us as human sacrifices!” he cried, panic-stricken.

The continuing story of the 12 Steps of Nancy’s English assignment…

Ninth Step:
Tear five bandage-type strips from sheet.


Tenth Step:
Decide that generic PVA craft glue has superior adhesive qualities to uHu glue. And begin the arduous process of glueing brand names cut from magazines onto the “bandages”.

Eleventh Step:
Wait overnight for glue to dry

Twelfth Step:
Be woken early by nasty helicopters hovvering low over the suburb and wrap.



Excuse the poor picture quality, I’m using the dodgycam while the travelling boy has the decent camera (I’m not about to unpack the compani-giftage camera – which we might eBay, should we have the inclination)

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