why i am an idiot

I made a very Mrs Hardly-ish remark (I can’t quite remember what it was, however it was probably something caustic about one of the freaks) at one of my many meetings earlier in the week and the professor commented that if I had a blog he would read it every day. Stupidly, I said I did have a blog, but that I would never tell him what it was, and grandly announced that if he could find it I’d give him one hundred dollars – so convinced was I of my superior hiding sk1llz. He accepted the challenge and said he’d search for multiple exclamation marks, because apparently that is how I speak In Real LifeTM.

Immediately afterward I realised that this was a pretty godsdamn stupid thing to do (not because I am particularly concerned with a cash loss, but I am not keen to be exposed). Sometimes I think I have a wee bit of a god complex (note to self 1: I am not invincible). So now I’m obsessively checking my hits for any suspicious activity – so far I’m unscathed. I think I just need to shut the hell up in future, oh and to lay off the exclamation marks.

My latest hits (it always amazes me that some people seem to not understand how to effectively use a search engine)

My now super-compulsive hits checking revealed this very nice post. So now, in between the hits checking, just like the lovely hazelblackberry, I am obsessively reading her archives (which I’m loving) until my eyes are dry, red and oh-so-sore, which just like the author, I do when I find a new blog (which I really should have found sooner, as the lovely Nick links to her). Note to self 2: the best blogs are always to be found from the links of blogs you link (and never ever from the very scary next blog button).

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