idiot box (or how i spent the majority of my time while afflicted with the worst. flu. ever.)

I’ve been very good and haven’t watched Australian Idol at all this year. I feel ever-so-slightly-superior that I have not been sucked into the horror this year, but those feelings are immediately countered by the fact that I have been watching Big Brother – the horror! I can’t wait until it is off my screen, for it is horrifically compelling. I will just say that I completely loathe and despise the ghastly Vesna (but I would not be at all surprised if she won it – because I give the voting public no credit for taste).

We found Channel 7’s treatment of Lost (skipping weeks, covering the screen with station promos and that stupid jumping logo) incredibly tiresome, so I decided to timeshift & we’ve watched the whole series (which was very cool and groovy – despite not a terribly great deal happening, but I dig that not a terribly great deal would happen if you were stranded on scary-arse island). We’ve also time-shifted and watched the first few epsiodes of Season 2 of the new Battlestar Galactica – much less tedious without the advertisements and the late night timeslot (although without any of the campy-fabulousness of the original).

We handed over a very small slab o’ cash and bought firefly on DVD without having seen a single episode, purely from word on the street – still have not watched it, but given the utter garbage on offer, it will doubtless get a run soon.

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