dance 10, looks 3

In Marie Celeste news, three more brave souls abandon ship this Thursday.

A new manager signed a contract and after touring the office and meeting the freaks, strangely decided not to join us – probably the sort of sensible approach we need more of. The second choice commenced today – seems okay, weird hair, has an extensive personal/professional website (which I am obviously not going to link to) ……. and totally freaked me out when we took him out to lunch and he prayed before eating. I’m not accustomed to such things – especially in a work environment. I’m essentially screwed, because I spend quite a bit of my time in the office blaspheming – time to be a little more creative with the vocab.

We also have a new freak in the team, I’d link to a site which details her total freakiness, but again – not something I can safely link to – suffice to say she really admires Paris Hilton (said without a trace of sarcasm), will not be coming to a company-wide function (the big Marie Celeste function of the year) because she does not believe in food in pubs (yes really) and wears ghastly ballet-type clothes to work – complete with a variety of headbands.

Ersatz-madame-thingy has been on my case about career goals (of which we all know I have none) with comments like, “Mrs Hardly, you cannot be a PA forever, its just stupid“. At times I envy people with aspirations.

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