revisiting january (not the song by pilot – which i now have in my head)

It is indeed fortunate that I did not resolve to do these things!

But lets see how we are going…

# Get back into a godsdamned size 10 (from the 12 I am now – reasonably realistic, its not like I want to go back into the 6 I was 18 months ago – because that is not going to happen)
No! Still lumpy

# Keep a clean, tidy and, most of all, uncluttered haus

# Unpack the remaining 12 archive boxes left from the move (this could prove difficult as the contents will need somewhere to live)
Sort of! 9 boxes left unpacked

# Increase the diversity of what we eat (we are all quite bored with the same dishes over and over)
there is a wee bit of diversity, but not much

# Increase the diversity of my wardrobe (for I am heartily sick of wearing the same things)
No! still wearing the same crappy stuff

# Do something crafty at least once a month (I don’t mean crafty as in cunning, well perhaps cunning crafts?, but practical, useful crafts)
No! We’re a bit of a crafting desert

# Blog regularly (because I try not to be a hypocrite & loathe it when others leave it for weeks between entries)
That would depend on your definition of regular

# Don’t resolve to do anything
Yes! This one has worked

# Acquire a new bed
No. Same old bed

# Acquire furniture for the balcony (or at very least a chair)
Yes! We have a bench

# Acquire a vintage-type office chair to go with my cool new computer table
Yes! not vintage-style, but the most comfortable chair ever.

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