getting what you wish for

Dear Universe,

When I posted that I wanted more frequent real estate agent inspections to ensure that I kept a spotless house I did not expect you to take me seriously.

Kind regards

Mrs Hardly

Yes, after being dazzled by my super-fantastic housekeeping and asking us to re-sign the lease for another 12 months, the Real Estate Agents are coming around on Thursday to do a valuation for the owner (yes, I know this does not bode at all well!1). They wanted to come around tomorrow, I just gave a hollow laugh and a firm “no”.

Maintaining this spotlessness will be the death of me – the cream carpet, while lovely, is a nightmare to maintain.

The babies are at their most irritating (and unusually for them, quite badly behaved).

I have a massive headache.

In good news, I have a Mystery Present! more on that later.

1If we have to go flat-hunting/move again in the near future, I think I’d throw myself in front of a train.

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