jet set – get out of our way, we got a lot of things to see

Fenton found out yesterday that he has to spend the day in Singapore on Monday – flies out Sunday night and flies back Monday night … ahhhhhhh the glamourous life of a consultant.

He also had me consumed with envy when he told me it is possible that he will have to spend 2 weeks in Canada – specifically, the Northwest Territories, home for a week, then 2 weeks in Newfoundland! The thought of any travel usually doesn’t excite me overly much – to be honest I’d rather just spend my time at home, but this is just far too cool. What a fabulous experience!

The school holidays are upon us and so we have Joe/Frank and Bess here for the majority of the week – may god have mercy on my soul. Two children are a dream (the combination of children is irrelevant), three are … well, three cause my stress levels to skyrocket.

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