the gun’s always loaded, and the horse always kicks

As I was walking home today it occured to me that to see, the very obscure Australian film, Smiley Gets A Gun1 again would fill my heart with gladness and all manner of other good things! Quoting lines from Smiley to Fenton and Nancy lacks a certain punch when they haven’t actually seen the film. And really, who doesn’t love Chips Rafferty.

The whole thing is sheer cinematic brilliance, not to mention totally Aus (and TOTALLY kitsch!). Of course I have absolutely no idea where I would obtain a copy, or even where I could drag everyone in the hardly fam along for a viewing.

Likewise, I fear I shall never see the REAL batman again. The REAL batman isn’t all dark and brooding – the real Batman is camp, godsdamnit. Sadly, its not on DVD (I would shell out enormous amounts of money for that!).

OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD! I am SO there on the 9th February.

1who knew it would actually *be* listed on IMDB?

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