…then I wonder why she sleeps with my friends

In my role at nu-job, I occasionally come across material handed out in various school classrooms.

I came across the following delightful infants class activity today. The names in the left column were the names of the students in the class and their classmates had to “rate” their desirability as playmates. What fun!

Name I don’t like to play with this person I only like to play with this person sometimes This person is okay to play with I like to play with this person I like to play with this person a lot
Mrs Hardly          

and there were little emoticons at the top of each column – which I am not going to attempt to replicate.

I honestly wonder if teachers actually think at all sometimes. Its fairly evident that the results could be ammunition of the most soul-destroying kind!

I don’t have any idea why there is a big gap here – I don’t think my template particularly likes my table!

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