Sad-eyed dead babies

I have been very good – walking home everyday this week (yay me!), but even more impressive is that I have managed to avoid temptation TWICE – yesterday, I did not succumb to the lure of left over meeting food (there were even wee portugese tarts – mmmmmmmmmm tarts) and today I resisted … (wait for it) … chocolate. Yes, chocolate was being handed around the office and I said no. Of course there has been no noticeable difference, but I am just chuffed that I have managed to stick to something for a whole week and a half – I thought for sure I would have caved by now.

To add to the list of things I will never again, but think it would be really cool to force those in my life to watch: Jonathan Ross’ brilliant 1992 mini-series Americana (the episodes were titled: Rich, Fat and Dumb).

Tomorrow we shop for new bedroom furniture for Nancy – god help us all.

And why oh why can I not find a skirt suitable for work? I’m really not keen to look like a gypsy, aged faerie or, worst of all, Stevie Nicks and I have no intention of showing anyone my knees. There does not seem to be a skirt in Syndey that meets these criteria. I would also like some more pants for work – pants that are not so hipster-ish that I show the world my crack when I sit down, because people really don’t need to see *that*.

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