I had a lovely bonding moment with one of my nu-job colleagues today.

He’s a rather portly, very sweet, geeky-type, who had returned today from annual leave to find an other colleague had brought him in a shopping bag brimming with treats. What treats you ask (as did I)? Atari cartridges. “Not for a 2600?!”, I gasped with boggling eyes. Yes indeedy! I was consumed with envy – even though I don’t actually *have* a 2600 now, of course I had one in my formative years.

Turns out he & his wife have tons of various retro consoles, as he was listing them, I was punctuating with “oh wow!, oh wow!”. We had a very nice chats about our favourite games on and off for the rest of the day (he sits across the cubicle farm fence from me) and paid me a huge unintentional compliment: “I would never have picked you as a retro gamer” – Hee! I love being a woman of mystery!

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