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We have new neighbours in the flat next door (they must have moved in today), our balconys are adjacent to one another, so when we go out for a ciggie we can hear them talking – they sound as if they are an older couple, perhaps late 50s – they are currently doing a crossword together, prior to that they appeared to be reading the paper together – cute! I hope they don’t have issues with a reasonably level of noise.

I have no idea what is behind the decision by Channel 10 to show lame and seemingly random episodes of Oprah on Thursday nights.

Today was day 4 of not eating unhealthy snacks and of walking home – its not killing me. Perhaps I need to step it up a little so that I do feel exhausted – I might wait a wee while though, we don’t want to rush these things, do we? I was feeling quite non-deprived until Fention pointed out that we really shouldn’t have cake for a couple of months – what?! no cake?!?! I’ll just have to not think about that. Being the readily-brainwashed person that I am, I briefly considered joining the cult (aka Weight Watchers), but they wouldn’t take me because I’m in my “ideal” weight range – let me assure you – these jiggly arms and legs are NOT ideal.

I’ve been walking past this store every day and have been eyeing this, which is a great price & something I would actually use, but the godsdamn shop is never open. I had one back in one of the many periods when I was skinny and gorgeous (as opposed to the many many times I have been pudgy and less gorgeous) and my stomach was as flat as the proverbial board, now it is not dissimilar to a Nanna’s tummy, yes, you may “ewwwwwwwwwwww” now.

I’d been keen to watch the biggest loser1 since seeing the promos, although I wasn’t expecting terribly much from it, but its a hoot! I was *so* cheering for the hippy blue team, because the personal trainer for the red team just freaked me out – especially with that pointing at the eyes thing. Really though, if you wanted to win, wouldn’t you just ditch all of the chicks in your team? Men tend to lose weight much more quickly than women – so if you were left with a team full of guys, you’d be a shoe-in.

1warning: site contains spoilers

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