not whoring – really

Aren’t we all aching for some Australian bloggy goodness?

Then head on over to the Australian Blog Awards & check out the nominees1. There are many fine blogs – some I read regularly, some I have come across before and some shiny spanking2 new (to me) ones. I am very keen check them all out, although my dried-out, red, old lady eyes would certainly disagree with me.

While you are at it, you might also like to check out the nominees in the BoB Awards.

1this post should be read in the spirit of sharing good stuff, not shameless self-promotion – which is, like, so not me dude. I’m fully aware that the other people on that list are infinitely more interesting and definitely more deserving of your vote than moi

2I cannot believe I orginally typed skanking here! what the fsck is skanking anyway?

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