I keep seeing very pregnant women everywhere. I’m also seeing French people everywhere. I don’t know what it means either.

I think I’m rather settling in at new-job. Ahhhh – the blessed honeymoon period. I’m kind of liking that there isn’t a whole lot of work to do and it is quite a strange experience indeed to not have years worth of someone else’s backlog to work through. Thankfully, I’m not missing batshitcrazyorg anymore.

And in the spirit of sharing, and knowing now that I will never go back, I feel it is now safe to let on that batshitcrazyorg was a uni0n1 – as if you hadn’t suspected that already. Who knew that they came in extreme right wing versions? Well (as Joe/Frank would say), you do now. Yes I was shocked too. I’m not hinting at the identity of new-job – there are actually competent people there – people who know what blogs *are*! Although same people don’t know who Hayley Mills is, which I find not a little disturbing.

1spelled thus to avoid the dreaded google spider.

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