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If you are not averse to dabbling in the black arts, I would highly recommend a voodoo doll for any aged 8+ children you have laying (or more likely, jumping) about. I received such a doll as a parting gift from batshitcrazyorg from the lovely Elaine & MrElaine and I don’t think there was a moment the doll was unplayed with all weekend – by ALL of the sprogs in the hardly haus!

I must say that having actual cash makes a major difference to the whole christmas extravaganza – when you don’t have any there is not as much pressure to buy *stuff*. So I’m madly running about buying *stuff* – mostly stuff for Joe/Frank & Bess. Nancy is getting a new phone & something which cannot be named, lest she look here (which she occasionally does) & cash of course (so that she may get out of the haus for the sales & not be here to incite her siblings).

Bess received one of these for her birthday (amongst many other things) & may I say that it is so very very cool – $19.99 well spent indeed! If you have a girly 9 year old who likes crafts & clothes you will not go wrong. They are quite hard to find though – Bess’ was from DJs.

I finally spent my birthday gift vouchers (have I mentioned that I loathe and despise vouchers?). I was mad keen for The Avengers 1967 box set (Well who wouldn’t be? Don’t we just love Mrs Peel & Steed? Well perhaps without the teeth – they’re a little freaky). But I wasn’t willing to shell out $95 on something so trifling. Naturally Myer didn’t stock the set – so I cunningly used the vouchers to buy some of Fenton’s gift & spent the equivalent on the dvds. Now I only need watch *all* of those episodes of Twin Peaks we rented on the weekend and then we can have our own Avengers-fest!

We had a rather delightful score this afternoon – 2 17″ monitors for the price of a cab ride home (approximately $13). Fenton’s work upgraded to flat-panels & monitors were ours for the asking! I love it when fate deals us computer stuff. My secret present is a new computer (but don’t tell me!), so we needed another monitor – I doubt the secret computer will get here by Christmas Day. But if it does I will be jumping about … like a jumping-about-fing.

We’re agonising over food choices for christmas day (apart from pudding – that is a given!). I want something sensationally fabulous, I just don’t want to do much in the way of preparation.

Could write more, but pressing domestic necessity dictates I attend the washer & dryer (& iron & do dishes).

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