baaaaaaaaaa humbug

A red letter day in the hardly haus. Fenton received christmas giftage from his mother & father – & I was included as a recipient!

Fenton’s mummy usually sends something from the homeland – sometimes disturbing (the silky nz flag boxer shorts being a good example the more disturbing gift). This year we got a noughts and crosses set, but what a noughts and crosses set! It has wee cows and (of course) sheeps!!

too too cute!

Fenton’s Nana1, mistress of subtlety, sent him a clipping from the Dominion Post entitled: Opportunity knocks for expatriates – at home. The article continues – “Employers are desperate for skilled migrants who know New Zealand and will stick around. Anna Jaquiery finds out why Kiwis living overseas are now the juiciest targets for recruiters.” Sorry Nana, it is not going to happen!

1which I would spell “Nanna”, but which he insists is spelled with one “n” in this case.

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