What is this? The 80s?

Fenton just called.

And informed me that everyone in the company was just given an ipod.

Yes, you read right, an ipod.

This is in addition to a not insubstantial bonus which he found out about a week ago (and the yachting afternoon on Friday before the lavish Christmas Party).

Holy crap.

Can lunches in New Zealand be far behind? For these were apparently de riguer during the times of wild excess 20 years ago.

What is amusing about this is that we have both been coveting ipods for ever such a long time (I wanted an old-style one because that has more wank value, “oh this old thing, I’ve had it for ages”). We had a long discussion about the topic on the way to the supermarket on sunday and finally decided that it was purely wank and we didn’t really need one (or two, or three – because obviously nancy wants one too) because we’d never really use them.

And now one lands in Fenton’s lap!

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