We love an Ikea catalogue here in the hardly haus. We all regularly flick through & covet various groovy things contained within the glossy pages. Sadly though, when you actually get to the store, reality hits and you realise how cheap and not-at-all-groovy the stuff contained within is. I think this must be a relatively recent phenomena, I don’t remember the stuff being as crappy several years ago (perhaps I am turning into an old person, proclaiming in a wavery voice: “i remember when the stuff in Ikea was groovy & of reasonable quality”).

Today, we were in the market for a cabinet to put the…ahem…new big teev & dvd player (purchased just yesterday with some of fenton’s bonus), so we set forth to Ikea – and found nothing but yuck. Freedom had a few reasonable pieces, but we really didn’t want to spend over $1,000 on something to put the television on. Fortunately we found a reasonably priced unit in chocolate (mmmm……chocolate) at Oz Design, which will be delivered next Saturday.

The unit is rather nicer than the image would indicate. It was amazingly difficult to find anything remotely suitable – at times like these I wish we had access to a stockpile of wood and fenton (who is *rather* a marvel when it comes to woodworking) could whip something up in a jif. Either that or an interior designer.

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