damn you liverpool

While browsing in a bookstore this evening, I heard music playing, music that I liked. I was pretty sure I’d heard it before & realised it was something I would like to hear again. I vaguely remembered the last track on the CD being a crowd (probably a Liverpool FC crowd) singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” – and sure enough it was.

I pondered asking the staff what was playing (but then stupidly dismissed that idea).

Stupidly because I thought I would be able to google it easily enough BUT I WAS WRONG.

Now I realise that Pink Floyd’s “Fearless” from the Meddle album has this in it, but I am fairly certain that it was not Pink Floyd, because … well, Pink Floyd suck (shut up). It was kinda angsty & mournful, but in an upbeat kind of way.

So now I will be driven to the brink of madness because I will never know.

So if YOU know what the hell I was listening to, please comment, please.

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