repeat after me: “mrs hardly is an idiot”

well today i realised that by giving 2 weeks notice, rather than 3 weeks, i have dudded myself out of $1,000 – argh!! (christmas bonus and annual leave loading – i still get my annual leave paid out).

fenton says i should look at it as an escaping from batshitcrazyorg fee, but right now i am just FURIOUS with myself. i could have purchased that ipod i’m coveting (soley because i am a wanker and not because i actually *need* one). or a new computer. or new bedroom furniture. or. or. or. waaaahhhh!

after work i went to acquire a wireless card for my computer, however there were none at DJs & none at Myer, Bing Lee was closed, as was Harvey Norman. i then came to the conclusion that it was not my day.

but my day got just got better – the residents of the hardly haus were mourning the season end of frasier & i find that channel 10 is showing seinfeld rather than one of the simpson’s episodes (i never thought the day would come that i would actively avoid the simpsons) – hurrah!!!! sad when television makes me happy!

in seinfeld-related news, fenton is keen to celebrate festivus.

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