well we’ve done the unthinkable and gone wireless (well fenton & nancy have – my computer is sitting in the corner, unplugged). unthinkable because my only prior experience of wireless was at batshitcrazyorg, and let us just say the experience was not good one (as with all things batshitcrazyorg).

however the hardly wireless seems to be working a treat!

yesterday saw the anniversarie of my birth and i received a very lovely kenneth cole bracelet from fenton – yay for presents. we were planning to go our for dinner last night, but as nancy gave me a lovely cold as part of her gift, we’ve postponed dinner – we had DJs food and a DIVINE DJs mudcake instead – mmmmmmmmmm cake.

my mother sent me a birthday card – which infuriated me – just. leave. me. alone. you would think the fact that i have not spoken to her in 3 years would give her the message that i don’t want communication/contact. my life has been so much more relaxed since i expunged her from it.

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