the funky bunch

One thing I have noticed, since moving 500m down the hill, is the difference a mere 500m can make. There is not a single fat person here (well not one that shows their bod in public) and there must be more wee fluffy dogs per capita than any other area in Sydney.

Two working days left at batshitcrazyorg – I’m madly writing procedures & trying to wrap things up – its rather stressful. The whole thing is causing me to have quite bizarre nightmares which involve doing an assignment (for something), which I’d left until the last minute, about a mythical High School – called alternately Marky Marky High and Mark Wahlberg High (sadly the name was one of my own invention – this was apparently part of the assignment) and which I was devising ever intricate and complicated parts to – all of which I had no hope of completing. Very peculiar indeed. I actually don’t know *why* I care about having things finished and pretty to hand over – its not like I am going to go back there. I should be focussing on brushing up my excel skills for the new role, not worrying about what I need to do before I leave!

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