oh the throbbing, the pounding…

oh my aching head. i can feel a migrane coming on – i really wish that the person with the mrs hardly voodoo doll would stop stabbing it in the eye socket.

the director on fenton’s current assignment had a word to him about his alleged lack of application over the last week – he is not being proactive enough apparently (he is wonderful in his own work, but needs to bother everyone else asking if they need his expertise), and he returns to the compani office from the client at 5.30 to spend a couple of hours working there. strangely, they have adored his work prior & sung his praises prior to today. now they have extended his time in melbourne for yet another week (after promising again that this would be his last week). apparently fenton should have no problem having spent 2 months in melbourne away from his family, because “its not like he is in hong kong”. fenton also apparently has an attitude problem.

it should come as no surprise at all that this director is ex-SoullessPalaceOfEvil1, ex-line-of-service-which-almost-became-the-wolfe-olins-200-million-dollar-


by-ibm-before-mindbogglingly-stupidly-named-company-could-come-into-being. fuckhead. his jerkiness prompted me to use the c-word, which is something i never do. gotta love the emphasis on the old work/life balance. i did say fenton should quit & live on my meagre wage, because i don’t want the fuckheads sucking out his soul again.

i feel a little responsible because i occasionally mention that i am lonely & miss him. i was trying to be very good about it – because i used to turn into a sobbing, depressed mess when he was at the SoullessPalaceOfEvil and would go away for a week. so i will shut up and try to be cheerful – even though i miss him.

would you believe my copy of elegance has arrived from the UK already? the parcel pickup card was in the hardly post box yesterday!

i started reading the second most recent novel in the scarpetta series last night. it really tripped me out. the other four i’ve read have all been written in the first person past2 – “i wondered who was stabbing the mrs hardly voodoo doll in the eye scoket with a big sharp knife. i walked to the kitchen to grab a couple of neurofen.”, this one was third person present2 – “mrs hardly wonders who is stabbing the mrs hardly voodoo doll in the eye socket with a big sharp knife. she walks to the kitchen to grab a couple of neurofen”. i can’t recall reading anything in this style before. it is *very* challenging to read.

i ran out at lunchtime & had a wee buying spree at a couple of second-hand bookstores. another 2 scarpettas (god, its sucked me innnnnnnnnn) & a jennifer rowe. i got a very cool black envirobag as a freebie from one shop. i loathe the green ones offered at coles & woolies, so i might actually be tempted to use a black one (yes i am very shallow).

1where the backs of the many are broken to line the pockets of the few.

2head hurts too much to clarify the correctness of my ternminology – i’ll fix tomorrow.

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