migrane commenced as soon as i walked in the door this evening – fortunately it was staved off by yet more neurofen.

more tales from fenton re the fuckead director. apparently he (the director) doesn’t like giving advice, but he highly recommends that fenton read such books as “the 7 habits of highly effective people – i laughed until i cried & i suggested fenton might want to book himself into an anthony robbins seminar.

fenton really should have responded that he preferred to obtain career tips from lewis pinault’s consulting demons – which is a totally brilliant portrayal of the consulting industry.

fortunately the director seems to be an anomoly and the others are actual humans, rather than brainwashed consulting robots. well the sydney ones anyway, the melbourne staff are all into competing in triathlons – the horror!

i honestly don’t understand some ebayers, you would think that as a seller you would want someone to make payment quickly – i certainly did when i was selling full-time. the auction i am high bidder on finished at 7.30 last night, i requested a total amout at 8.30 last evening & 7.30 this evening – still no response. its not like the seller is a newbie – they have around 1500 feedback. serves me right for impulse bidding.

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