note to self:

reading until 3am 2 school nights in a row makes for a very grumpy, irritable & depressed mrs hardly.

while i love to read, my problem is that when i start a book i’ve not read before i feel the necessity to finish it in one sitting – irrespective of length. last night i completed my fourth patricia cornwell. i find the level of gun toting rather unsettling – carrying a loaded handgun with you as you do your household chores does not really seem to be, well … sane.

i normally would have attributed the gun-obsession to artistic license, however i’m not so sure after reading an ask slashdot question requesting (non-injurous) geek-style home defense solutions after mother’s car was broken into & finding that 90% of answers were to obtain & use some form of firearm (preferably shotgun). i can’t even fathom a lifestyle like that: someone breaks into your car, so your first solution is to shoot them?! my god.

damn the OC-bitch – i want to go to bed, but it sucks me innnnnnnnnnnnnn

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