these boots are made for….

while i may be quite the fashionista at times, when it comes to my feet i come up wanting. for i am cursed with feet that need sensible shoes. sure, they might be *cool* sensible shoes – but they need to be flat (with a chunky sole for preference), docs1 style shoes & boots. (i don’t wear actual docs any more because nancy has appropriated all of them).

i’m always bemused, when snarking with my posse at batshitcrazyorg, to hear horrified exclamations of the “and have you seen her shoes?!”ilk (i sneak a glance down and note that i am wearing similarly sensible footwear and decide that 1. either i am far too cool for them to bother with my feet, or 2. they are snarking about *my* shoes when i am not around – hmmmmmmmmmmm).

i have witnessed gina actually run, fast, in impossibly high heels. elaine (formerly known as sophialoren) rivals imelda marcos. i have a rather pathetic 2 pairs of work shoes!

i might delude myself that my occupation dictates that i wear sensible shoes (for heels are awkward when climbing shelving/schlepping boxes), but really, between us, i’ll admit that i look simply ridiculous in anything remotely stylish/fashionable. i look ridiculous because i have not-very-attractive feet (which swell during the day, making un-sensible footwear terribly uncomfortable & me terribly cross) & because i simply cannot walk in nice shoes. i look silly and i fall over on my ankles (i occasionally fall over in flat shoes too, who knew i was so clumsy?).

the feminist stance i took in my late 20s (when i wore only men’s shoes2) – just isn’t going to cut it in my mid-30s. it is so much simpler to be radical when you are young (people indulge you & you tend to look much less ridiculous wearing a dress & 8-hole docs3).

but i occasionally long for some pretty shoes, some girly shoes, some fashionable shoes. until i actually have them on my feet.

1i would link to the doc martens site, but they use flash and flash is evil.

2sooooooo much more comfortable, you can imagine how this went down at the corporate hell known as the SoullessPalaceOfEvil (where the backs of many are broken to line the pockets of the few).

3rest assured – not a look i want to revisit

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