dance! into the fire

one week ago duran duran were performing a mere 5 minutes walk from the hardly haus. strangely, there was no advertising outside the venue (its en route to the station).

i would link to this article from the herald, but fairfax has recently moved to a subscription only model.

Durable Duran

Following in the footsteps of the Eagles, Kiss and John Farnham, those pioneers of New Romantics pop Duran Duran have discovered their use-by date is infinitely extendable. Having found a rich vein of sentimental sales opportunities in Sydney, the band (Simon Le Bon, John Taylor, Nick Rhodes, Andy Taylor and Roger Taylor) flew into town on Sunday for a special “listening evening” showcasing their new album last


Music industry types and diehard fans flocked to the Potts Point nightclub Dragonfly to see their bleached and coiffed heroes. Spike’s operatives reported that there were plenty of women “of a certain age” listening, eager to catch a glimpse of their high school fantasies.

truth be told, i was never ever a fan – fenton, however, was into the band in a mild-to-large way, and last year we raked in a very nice sum of cash (thankyouverymuch) flogging his mint condition 12″ singles and other duran paraphenalia on eBay.

interestingly, unlike the last time they reformed, ALL of the band is back together(including the compleat set of taylors). i daresay they have spent all of their fortunes on …. errrrrr …. good living. i don’t buy this “doing it for the fans” line.

but it seems to be part of a wider 1980s retro conspiracy that i want NO part of. the polka dots, the asymetrical tops, the horrid HUGE plastic earrings.

on friday on the way home from batshitcrazyorg, i purchased nancy a polka-dotted skirt which she had been coveting. i realised this morning that it bore an uncanny resemblance to a skirt i made in textiles & design in year 10 – oh the horror! i can only hope that she doesn’t come home one day with a stepped or phil oakley-style haircut…

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