where mrs hardly learns a valuable lesson

do. not. tempt. fate.

yes, while summer colds are *slightly* icky – the universe decided to teach me a lesson about what *really* constitutes bad by insisting i develop a very close relationship with the fixtures in my bathroom today.

thus i was not able to accompany fenton on his journey to buy a new printer – a laser printer, rather than inkjet (although we will buy an inkjet too).

i was keen on the ultra-cute samsung ML-1510 (which i had seen at the dick earlier in the week, but which mysteriously disappeared from their website at some point during the week).

fenton discovered the samsung ml-1710, which had the best reviews for printers in that price range at harvey norman** for $100 off. sadly, an employee had mispriced ALL of the printers and they were NOT $100 off. nonetheless, they voluntarily! gave fenton the discount – so yay! for them (even if their customer service people have NO clue^^). we now have a wee print server too!

**i’m not going to bother linking to their website, because it is LAME.

^^better than those at bing lee city store – who apparently didn’t know what a print server was!!!!

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