inspired by the wonderful daniel, here is the hardly kitchen bin (the bins for the flats are terribly boring 240litre ones1)

baaaaaaaa - well i think it looks like a lamb

note the lack of contents because the lovely fenton has recently decanted them big bins outside

yes, it is a monitor housing, thank you for noticing!

it made rather cute use of one of our dead monitors.

so, do not try this at home, laughing in the face of danger, i indulged in a little 3Xtr3m3 computing – removed the innards & attached little wheely feets2 at the bottom. flyback transformer – i laugh at you & your zappy ways! remember, do not try this at home. well, you could probably attach the feets without facing painful death.

1we don’t even *have* recycling bins here! tossing glass jars in with the “normal” rubbish feels so very very wrong.

2i love feets/wheels on *anything*. i particularly love the feets on 68K macs.

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