food glorious food

i love shopping for food at DJs – it is so refined, so civilised, the staff are wonderful & knowledgeable, the customers are all very considerate of one another (“after you”, “no, no after you”. “oh thank you”, “my pleasure”) – there is no rushing, no shoving, no over-long queueing.

The food of course is divine. Most definitely worth the extra $$ and well worth the 1/2 hour “power walk” from batshitcrazyorg. If the Hardlys’ were swimming in cash, we would buy all of our foodstuffs at DJs. Who knew buying groceries could be an almost religious experience?

i want to live there.

3 thoughts on “food glorious food

  1. I have only ever been into a DJ’s once – it was almost 9 years ago when my firstborn was a newborn.. I bought a baby nappy/things backpack. that was on my one and only shopping trip Toowong.

  2. OMG! Do you feel deprived?!

    I love shopping at DJs for anything! But I love it most for food!!

    mmmmmmmmmm – Foodhall food!

    I am such a snob đŸ™‚

  3. um, no I really don’t feel deprived. I only went into DJ’s that one time because I couldn’t find a decent nappy bag anywhere else. It was a brilliant nappy bag, it cost $36 and was just fabulous for baby outings. But sadly no, it didn’t turn me into a DJ lovin’ snob.

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