sing me songs of no denying…

as i said to TB today it rather felt like i had entered bizarro world – a world where photocopier operators are highly paid and Peter Garrett joins the ALP & declares he is no longer opposed to Pine Gap.

Now according to the Channel 10 late news, if Labor wins power at the forthcoming federal election, word from George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld & Colin Powell is that we are at risk of damaging our alliance with the US.

i should imagine that alone will pretty much secure victory for the ALP.

we don’t want your steenking alliance.

US Forces give the nod

It’s a setback for your country

US Forces, Midnight Oil 1982

I should point out that i don’t hate america, nor do i hate *most* americans – in fact, the americans i have met have all been quite nice, normal people (and most of whom think the Bush administration are a “bunch of mindless [tools] who will be first against the wall when the revolution comes”).

However I *really* object to another country attempting to dictate OUR politics (yes i know they have been doing it for quite some time now ) – but i do not recall it being done so overtly before, threatening us if we don’t vote for the leader of *their* choosing – fuck off!!!

It’s at times like this i admire New Zealand (don’t give up that passport Fenton!) – who at least had the balls to tell America to sod off. I wonder if I can become a kiwi (I can do a fair “eccint” – thats accent to the unfamiliar).

3 thoughts on “sing me songs of no denying…

  1. OMFG I just read the rest of your post .. jesus fucking christ, they know how to scare the stupid media-fed citizens, don’t they? jesus. Is George Bush now on the campaign party for little johnny? will we now see commercials with dubya solemnly stating “Vote for Little Johnny or your country will be next. ” with twin towers footage in the background… jesus.

  2. Yes all true.

    I think you are right on with your “you will be next” assessment.

    Hello? We wouldn’t *be* next if our prime minister wasn’t so far up your collective arses.

    See the stuff you miss by not turning on that television!!!!

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