batshitcrazyorg is in the heart of chinatown. in addition, insearch is located in the same building and the majority of the students are from asian backgrounds.

batshitcrazyorg is moving to the floor downstairs and during the fit-out one of the three lifts has been lined with mdf and the door closing mechanism has been delayed so that the various tradespeople can transport *stuff* without causing damage – the result being that the lift is very slooooooooow and pretty much everyone tries to avoid catching it.

over the months this lift has accumulated a variety of graffiti of the “this lift is shit”, “this lift sucks” ilk.

a few days ago a new piece appeared, which caused a fair amount of horror and disgust:

“if you want to live here speak ENGLISH”.

as the days passed i completely forgot about it, being “a busy with a lot on mind”. however today i had the misfortune of catching the slooooooow lift and saw the response:

“i don’t know anyone who wants to live in a lift”


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