TB noticed my overall mien of rage this morning and took me out for a coffee whereupon i confessed why i was in such a snit. i know he is not responsible for my remuneratoin, so i have no issues with him. he understood and mouthed some platitudes about how pleased he is with me & how if i keep up the standard i might receive another increase in 6 months (gee maybe i will be at the same level as super-wonder-button-pushing-boy!)

i really question whether those at batshitcrazyorg have any idea what the going rate is for similar roles “out there” (for both mine and the swbpb’s**). it is not the money itself i care about – more that my professional pride is wounded. i was happy working for batshitcrazyorg because i believe in the type of organisation it is. but that was when i believed *everyone* was paid a equally as pathetically. to find out that this was not so was quite a shock.

so i will be actively looking for opportunities elsewhere.

**everywhere else in this universe Records Manager/Librarian ≠ Photocopier Operator.

2 thoughts on “disparity

  1. I can’t believe such a position exists for such a level of pay. I understand your ire completely.. but do you know if there is a well-paid button-pushing position available elsewhere?

  2. I have no idea – certainly I am at least $10K below market value. To be honest I have not looked at button-pusher roles, because at the various places I have worked they are usually at the bottom of the rung.

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