we, in the hardly abode, just love pingus.

when i was out and about shopping and waiting to collect Bess on Saturday from netball, I happened upon a computer store (which seemed have used ‘puter bits as its primary wares – I did not enter for fear of emerging with arms full of really interesting bits which would clutter our house and displease the feng shui gods) – however in the window I spotted somthing super-ultra-mega-cute that i lusted after a few years ago.

the pingu computer case!

in fact 2 pingu atx computer cases! for $10 each. they were a little dirty, but nothing that a scrub with a toothbrush and dollop of jif wouldn’t cure. i should add that these retail for between US$40 & US$99. but did i grab one? nope. am i regretting it? yep. will i go back on saturday and see if they are still there? perhaps. do i have anywhere to put such an item? errrrrr, i could *make* some room i guess.

ah the eternal struggle of accumulating *stuff*.

microsoft bob would be mighty cute on it.

4 thoughts on “pingus

  1. if i go on saturday and there are still 2 there i will buy you one. you *did* say that you wanted to learn how to build a computer!

  2. yes, I thought of that when I saw it – it would be perfect for the children! postage on that would be a nightmare though!! I have no idea what exactly I need and what thingamies are compatible which whatsits, but I will learn – oh yes I will.

  3. it will hardly weigh anything because i don’t think it will have a power supply and that is always the heaviest part of a case.

    it is not hard to build a computer and fun fun fun!

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