oh the pain

My poor leggies are so very sore as I spent my day running back and forth to the [edited to disguise my employer, should anyone from work be googling] copying/fetching witness submissions (half of those I needed they couldn’t locate). I need to go back on Monday and fetch Joe/Frank’s height in documents – argh! I really don’t mind too much, but there is a clerk (Olive) to do these things and she actually had no work on, so why do I get stuck with it? (Actually I know why, it is because Waylan knows that I will do it and not fsck it up – sucks to be competent!)

As yet un-named fishy is being gorgeous! The gorgeous Joe/Frank has naming rights because he names things incredibly well – “Turkey” for a stuffed duck, “Zellan” for a stuffed bunny, “Tresky” for another stuffed duck and sims names like “Malaria” and “Jameep” and “Hibbicus” for a Sims cat. He is currently considering naming options.

Fenton had to complete an ASIO “APPLICATION FOR CRIMINAL HISTORY1, POLITICALLY MOTIVATED VIOLENCE AND CITIZENSHIP CHECK” clearance form (I thought he was only joking!) for the job he had the ungodly hour interview for (and goes in for a “test” project sometime next week) he also had another interview with a financial instution today. So it would appear that as yet un-named fishy is bringing good fortune (and the red dots i put where the kitchen corner sends its cutting chi toward the career corner2).

My computer time will be minimal this weekend, as it is Babies Weekend – time to be run ragged!

1I hope he isn’t inadvertantly applying for a criminal history
2Next I’ll be sacrificing ponies to ensure career goodness

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