I was about to gloat about this morning’s (before collecting Bess from netball) small shopping successes, when it occured to me that most of what I write is largely based on buying things – which would make me appear to be rather shallow type whose sole intent is the acquisition of stuff.

One would have thought that I would have learned something about accumulating things from our 2 year stint of abject poverty! Obviously not.

Hell, I’m avaricious and shallow and I can cope.

So, back to the shopping – I bought 2 pairs of shoes at the Smith Family – a $12 pair of nikes & a $7 pair of grey-ish mary-janes – satisfies my hunter-gatherererer instincts. I think that takes my total shoe collection to about 6 pairs (after I toss my other runners1 – which will be replaced by the nikes).

There is a woman (whom I am yet to invent a suitably clever pseudonym for2) at work who has over 70 pairs of shoes (and you can certainly be assured that none of these pairs were from the Smith Family or cost under $100)! She hides a large percentage of them from her husband. I can’t imagine being able to HIDE possessions from Fenton – this could either be because our flat is so very tiny or because I have an innate need to show off the things I have bought! I don’t understand relationships like that.

1which have lasted 5 years of very very hard labour (thanks candy clubbing shoes!)
2Oh, lets be obvious and call her Imelda.

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