home at last hip hip hooray

Two interesting snippets from the workplace:

“Sam” who was married at the weekend, popped in quickly with his new bride. Sam is only 24 (I think she is 22). Sam is great – cute, very funny, professional, yada yada… I expected his new wife to be as cute as Waylan’s wife (who is completely adorable) – to my complete horror she is a grumy, dumpy and very frumpy. His political career won’t move very far or fast with her at his side.

“Affie” (she of the affidofillus and sculpturering) is apparently having problems at home – and the whole office was treated to her many many many telephone arguments with her parents and sister. It should be noted that Affie is 38 and still lives with the ‘rents. She wants to sell her portion of a unit owns with sis. She has cancelled the o/s trip she took so very many work hours to plan/organise. Affie also wants to move out of home. There were many many tears. The ‘rents will disown her if she leaves. Did I mention she is THIRTY EIGHT YEARS OLD?

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