I did something I have not done for 6 years – I wore earrings. I bought three pairs at lunch time and whacked a pair in then and there.

To my astonishment Fenton noticed the fake diamond studs I was wearing the minute I walked in the door. I put my hair up and got “you look so much younger/better” from both of them……. I might have to get into the earring habit – not that I ever was the earring type – although I am a little worried about my lobes going all floppy like my grandmother’s (when I was small I liked to sit on her lap and flick them back and forth).

I realised I resembled a slightly more stylish version of Olive today and THAT MUST CHANGE and I’ve also realised that I cannot get by solely on my youthful good looks any longer (mostly because I am now an old bag). So I think I’ll have to accessorise it up / change (professionalise) my look – admittedly a little difficult when I schlepp boxes/files around and sit on the floor a lot. Change is important particularly if I want a salary review/increase – which, of course, I do.

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