i thought numeric titles would be easier, but actually they’re really pretty soulless

My hair and skin texture have changed significantly in the last year or so, which I’m mostly attributing to age. While I’m delighted that my face is finally radiant and clear, and my hair thick and shiny, the remainder of me is really very desiccated indeed. Painfully dry and desiccated. And itchy. So itchy.

When looking for solutions to the dryness about a month ago, I spontaneously purchased a bar of Shea Moisture shea butter soap from the chemist and it’s been surprisingly effective. The shea butter soap combined with jergens ultra healing+ body balm I bought at the same time have worked far better than the many (many) other significantly more expensive solutions I’ve tried in the past.

After the success of the shea soap, and inspired by my favourite zero-waste/sustainability youtubers**, I was motivated to try other personal care products in minimal packaging, bar-style form.

So I purchased shampoo samples from Shampoo with a Purpose and shampoo, body and face samples from Ethique. I suspect this will be enough product to last until at least the end of the year.

I tried the Shampoo with a Purpose dry or damaged yesterday and was expecting a ton of tangles, but it was pretty great. I’m keen to see how it performs over time.

I’ve also ordered silk dental floss and Eco laundry strips, but they’ve yet to arrive. Package delivery is a bit of a lottery right now, it’s always a surprise to see what turns up when.

In the grand scheme of things these are obviously very, very small actions, but I really liked the idea I read recently in the dense discovery newsletter of being a node for social/political/environmental contagion. And I’m keen to push out more into this space in a low key way.

I’m very tempted to buy a fancy artisanal soap dish or two, but will leave them in the favourites for a couple of weeks to see if I’m still vibing them.

** faves are gittemary and rebecca sisson
hot tip: youtube is definitely much improved by having ad-block installed

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