at least (for now) we can still get out for walks

I get my second shot of Astra Zeneca tomorrow which is terribly exciting.

With covid numbers creeping up and up, speculation from several sources is that we’ll be in lockdown until at least mid-November, which is much less exciting.

We enter the “give Don a haircut” phase of lockdown this weekend.

2 thoughts on “225/2021

  1. Sensing a lockdown was imminent, I popped into a local hairdresser here to get a #1 all over and a #2 on the beard. I was looking way shaggy. The lockdown commenced 60 minutes later.

    • The Universe looking after you đŸ™‚

      I failed to take my extremely sore post-vax arm into my plans, but will give it a go this weekend. Don’s been cultivating a floppy fringe, so need to accommodate that.

      What could possibly go wrong?

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