One of my main focus areas (to get all biz speak on you) for 2021 is regaining my fitness.

I definitely did not use lockdown to improve or maintain any sort of physical health – save for a brief daily morning work which barely counts for even maintenance and the very (very) occasional lunchtime zoom yoga session – which probably counts even less.

You may recall that I’ve had a dodgy right ankle for at least six years – it gets very swollen and quite painful after any longish run or walk – and has been getting worse. I haven’t run for ages, but even shorter walks are now becoming problematic – despite all manner of sensible shoes.

There have been many theories about what this might be, the last was tight ITB and weak right glute after the scans showed nothing. After the first burst of enthusiasm, I was pretty terrible with rehabbing and kind of just put up with it.

I figured I needed to get the ankle under control before I embarked on any serious fitness improving exercise, so in the week before the Xmas break I took myself off to RelentlesslyCheerfulPhysio with the intention of getting rehab exercises and actually doing them.

Rather than the exercises I was expecting, I ended up with instructions to lay on my back with my feet elevated as much as I can – for five minutes – hourly if possible. He thinks I have vascular insufficiency. I definitely have the cankles, but thankfully not the ulcers.

Of course I have done precisely nothing about this in the last two days. Why I’m resisting laying about is something I can’t quite explain.

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