Happy New Year!

I hope you and yours are safe and healthy and not too bored or too stir-crazy or too crazy-crazy.

It’s a little overcast and slightly chilly here today. We’re roasting a turkey for dinner – we had one in the freezer, and why not? Carpe the whatevs, right?

Otherwise – the day has mostly been alternating between sloth and pottering about. In a parallel universe somewhere, Don and I are coming to the end of our Christmas trip in Japan. Fortunately in this universe, the flights were refunded.

Last year was a strange and somewhat transformative one for me. I feel generally more calm and mellow, and definitely less inclined toward relentless (often pointless) productivity. I lunched with Dishy(ex)Boss in mid-December and he described me as “centred” which I was kind of delighted by. I’m by no means always calm and centred, but I try very hard to give less fucks about pointless nonsense. No social media and largely giving up doom-scrolling news has very much helped with this. I cannot recommend it more highly – set yourself free.

I’m not back at SML until 11 January. So a glorious ten days before me to do whatever I will. Mostly this will be smashing out chores (there is a quite mountainous pile of ironing waiting for me), but I’m also quite motivated to complete a cross stitch that I started for Don a few months ago which has been sitting unloved on my other desk. Definitely want more analogue activities in my 2021!

8 thoughts on “001/2021

    • I do! Definitely not all the clothes, but for a couple of hours probably once a month. Generally stuff that can’t go in the dryer.

      It’s is indeed quite bonkers!

  1. Happy new year! Analog(ue) is definitely the way to go for most things, I find, though I need to find the balance that includes blog-friends without overdoing it. I’m glad you were able to get your flights re-funded. I had a voucher that I just tried to use . . . it took a long time to sort out, but eventually I was allowed to use it past the original expiration date. We’ll see if I actually get to take that trip.

    • And to you! May it bring good things!

      Most airlines here have been pretty good about refunds – some of our flights were points though which makes it slightly trickier. I don’t expect we’ll be able to leave the country for at least another year, so hopefully there will be some flexibility on expiry. Hopefully you will get to take that trip!

      I definitely haven’t found that digital/analogue balance yet. I’m hoping to blog more this year, way too many gaps in the record for my liking in 2020.

    • Happy New Year!

      Ironing is probably the only time I watch television these days! I’m yet to try a sheet though – I find ironing lengths of fabric for sewing difficult enough!

    • Happy New Year!

      We were commenting earlier in the week that even if we never make it there again, we’ve had three wonderful trips that we’re super-grateful to have taken!

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