Wait. How do I do this again?


It’s been somewhat chaotic in ThePalalce(OfLove) over the last couple of weeks as we had that small room built for Don and most of the windows replaced.

I really have no idea how people cope with major renovations – so much dust and mess! And we’ve had the usual “I haven’t seen that before”, and timelines blowing out as a consequence.

We had to play a kind of house-tetris moving the contents of rooms into other rooms as work progressed. We’ve concluded that despite fairly ruthless decluttering, we still have way too much stuff.

There’s still some work remaining, but the results are far exceeding expectations. Looking out the window in our bedroom feels like being in luxe hotel! The view is utterly spectacular!

Irrespective of the marvellous view, we desperately need to organise new window coverings in the next little bit – there’s way too much light and we’re exposed to the whole world. Nobody needs to see that.


Yesterday was the fourth anniversary of giving up drinking!

Honestly, one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. The improved mental health! The increased money in the pocket!

I really does seem that the more years that pass, the greater the benefits.


We had a virtual quarterly all hands meeting at SML last week. To everyone’s astonishment LadyPenelope (CEO) announced that he was, well there’s no other word for it, commanding us back to the office in February. This even though SML performed better by most measures when working remotely.

The announcement was followed by a presentation from Bobs about how our new systems allow us to work from anywhere – which left everyone rather puzzled. “You can work from anywhere – as long it is the SML office”.

The general sentiment is quite mutinous, even at senior levels.

And yes, all very well for Lady P who has a large pleasant office of his own and who lives within walking distance. The rest of us would be working in open plan, shoulder to shoulder – sweatshop style. And the prospect of public transport – hideous!

6 thoughts on “320/2020

  1. New windows make such a difference! And, yes, the dust, ugh.
    Can’t understand your CEO. Why not announce going back as an option? I gather there are enough people who want to return to the office that he’d get a decent number showing up so they could get out of the house! I bet he let his wife raise the toddlers and teens . . .

    • We’ve had the option to return to the office for a quite a few months now. Probably <5% do actually go in. I've been once or twice for meetings, but it would have to be very, very convincing to get me in on the reg.

      There are some reasonably strict covid protocols around being in the office and once in it's pretty grim.

      Consensus is that Lady P's strings are being pulled by dark forces who don't approve of remote working.

    • Thank you! You were a real inspiration to me!

      The other windows were utterly terrible – very old fashioned and difficult to see through, replaced by European-style double glazing with big panes. Will post a photo!

    • Thanks James, that’s very kind.

      I probably picked the worst time to start – lots of festivities to contend with! And I would say that the first 8-9 months were really challenging and occasionally very difficult. I needed lots to keep me busy and a ton of alternative beverages for social times! Now everyone knows I’m the ginger beer person, and thankfully there are some amazing alcohol-free options around that aren’t super-sickly sweet.

      After 4 years I barely think about it. It’s definitely worth giving it a go – the benefits are really huge.

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