Now that winter is upon us (such as it is), we’ve had our portable unflued gas heater on from 6am to around 10pm every day and it’s been deliciously toasty in ThePalace(OfLove).

Don had been having a little trouble breathing for a couple of days and yesterday the kitties were a bit weirder than usual and avoiding their ordinary hang-out spots in the room with the heater. In the late afternoon Don realised that we’d not let any fresh air into the house for at least a week and opened everything up. He almost immediately could breathe more freely and the kitties resumed their usual lazing positions. Of course we’ve never had the heater on for such long stretches before, so had no idea we shouldn’t be doing that!

We headed to the hardware store this morning to grab a carbon monoxide monitor – just in case! For the non-locals, carbon monoxide monitors are not really a thing here, at least they haven’t been on my horizon other than mentions on the Information Superhighway in lands far away. In good news, it hasn’t gone off yet.

But yay! My first non-supermarket outing for 3 months!

While we were out, we grabbed amazingly good pho for lunch at eat fuh.

I really need to make sure I get out of the house a minimum of once a week because I’m a smidge concerned this could turn into a real problem. It’s not like I’m terribly concerned about catching covid-19, so I’m not entirely sure what the source of the resistance to being away from home is. Maybe I’m most comfortable when I have control of my environment?

Next goal – a little sun, a little more exercise, a little more reading, a little less phone in bed.

2 thoughts on “166/2020

  1. I’m also experiencing that weird feeling of being okay with staying home too much. Yesterday I went to the bin and came back inside thinking, “Well, I’ve been out today.”

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