We kick over to three months in iso early next week. The fastest and slowest (and weirdest) quarter ever.

There’s been a very low number of deaths (102) here and everything is beginning to gradually open up, though social distancing is still very much recommended. As I mentioned in the last post, we’re still working remotely for the foreseeable future – fortunately most of us are totally happy with this arrangement. It’s still pretty unlikely we’ll be able to leave the country any time soon, so those end of year holidays are uncertain at best. We’re very fortunate to have health and jobs and a home and all that other privilege, if the holidays happen, they happen.

If I’m honest, I’m starting to become a bit reluctant to leave the house for anything other than the early morning walk and grocery shopping. I’m a happily-potter-around-home type person and I guess being indoors for long periods of time can make you not want to leave if you’re predisposed to that kind of thing.

Cafes and restaurants have recently opened for dining in – Don has eaten out a couple of times, I’ve been avoiding accompanying him, but I really need to shake myself out of this before it gets much worse.

Tomorrow I’ll force myself out for lunch.


In the last couple of weeks the (free) site hosting my blog images way way back in 2005 suddenly began sending assertive emails claiming I was violating their TOS by linking to those images. This was apparently designed to encourage me to pay for their quite terrible hosting services. To be honest I’d completely forgotten the existence of that account, but after some effort, recovered my password, downloaded and re-uploaded to my (paid) host and began the process of manually re-linking.

Whenever I’m next conflicted about continuing the blog, I hope to remember how brilliant it is to have this (admittedly rather superficial) record of my life.

This triggered a pretty wide-ranging digital declutter which I’d been putting off for a good while and which will likely last some time. I’d completely forgotten at least two flickr accounts and a couple of yahoo email addresses required for who-knows-what (flickr and ancient footy tipping I suspect).

I wonder if this is actually a useful activity or avoidance of I’m-not-sure-what?

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