flashing past

I’m not entirely sure how it got to be Friday so quickly, but here we are!

Work has been work has been work. Slightly on the tedious side and while I’m adoring remote working, I’m feeling pretty unstructured and chaotic. I’d like to knuckle down and try to become a little more organised.

We were advised this week that we’re likely to be remote until at least the end of Project Sulfur, which at this stage is the end of September. So I’d better get on that!

I failed to list action items for last weekend and felt like I accomplished nothing. This probably wasn’t true, but this weekend I intend to make a muslin/toile for a pair of pants for Don and watch some improving videos, amongst other general pottering and blog-catcheruppering.

Sitting at your desk all day with your face in a computer can really make you disinclined to sit at the same desk all evening with your face in a different one!

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