if i try to come up with a title i will never post this

(ack! must not have hit “publish” on this on Tuesday evening)


How very simple it is to lose the habit of daily posting!

How admirable are those that keep it up for the long haul!

How mystifying that I managed to keep it up for over a year!


I spent a good part of the weekend sewing and greatly enjoyed the process – even if the output was a little wanting. More details on that when I’m not posting on my phone from bed.

Before we get to that, I will say that if you are a sewist, I can highly recommend two new-to-me tools that have made a significant and positive contribution to my experience.

+ entomology pins
+ mini quilt clips

Absolute magic! The clips hold tight and the pins are great for fine or tightly woven fabric, fine enough to accidentally sew over and can withstand the iron.

Need to get myself more of both!

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