when too many kitties are barely enough

I’ve been really enjoying our morning walk to the park, twice around the oval and back. Naturally we’re mindful all the while to keep an appropriate distance from others which has quickly become the new normal.

Now we’ve been going for the past two weeks at the same sort of time, we’re starting to become aware of the regulars.

* the running couple who wear black face masks
* the two young girls drinking coffee on the bench
* the tween brother who offers his tween sister 50 cents to “run another lap”
* the rag tag band of dogs and their owners
* the revolting spitty dad (so gross)
* the two middle-aged women exercising in the rotunda
* the couple doing yoga to a yoga video
* chatty dad – who does not appear draw breath or let his kids get a word in
* the tall stern German personal trainer and meek obedient client
* assorted other personal trainers
* dads and offspring out for a jog
* the couple doing what appears to be a strange slow dance-fight-mime in each other’s arms

I wonder if any of them notice us, or if we’re just weirdly observant and nosy.

It’s really pleasant to start the day in this way – and only took an apocalypse to make it happen.

3 thoughts on “‘hood

    • People are even beginning to exchange “good morning”s which is relatively uncommon around here. Or maybe it is common and we’re not out walking enough to notice it.

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