and made a giant pot of baked beans

I imagine much like most of you, I spent the weekend reading endless coronavirus newsfeeds and attempting to make some preparations for future life indoors.

Forced closure of gyms, pubs, restaurants and similar establishments was announced late last night and enacted at midday. Many, many people are losing their jobs – it’s very grim.

Some form of lockdown is sure to follow because many people are dickheads and seem to want to gather in crowds – particularly at famous beaches – and not comply with social distancing guidelines.

It’s far safer to stay as far away from the madness as we’re able.

We’d had a successful entire ProjectSulfur remote day last week and one was planned for all of SML tomorrow. We’re still going ahead with that, but it was also announced today that after the trial we’ll be all working remotely for the foreseeable future. This will definitely take some adjustment – my team are mostly highly strung achievers who require a good deal of care and feeding. I’m exhausted just thinking about it!

This requirement to work remotely may actually be longer than the lifespan of ProjectSulfur, so I’ll go into the office at some point this week to grab my personal bits and pieces. It’s a very weird time. I’ll really miss working at the good end of town.

Don and I worked alongside each other today in the “home office” – which is basically the upstairs landing. We haven’t been officemates for around 13 years, so being thrown together all day is pretty neat. We started as we hope to continue – went for a short isolated walk to the park before work, had breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks together. Sickeningly adorable.

I hope you and yours are staying safe.

2 thoughts on “and made a giant pot of baked beans

  1. It’s nice to be home with someone you really want to be with! Sir John and I have separate home offices but enjoy checking in with each other whenever we feel like it, and I am delighted not to have to commute. OTOH I miss face-to-face interaction with my students and colleagues.

    • It really is nice! We have settled into a very quiet but lovely routine.

      I’m totally with you on the face to face interaction – video conferencing is nowhere near the same thing and I’m really missing the random interactions in the corridors and inane chatter. I’m missing a lot of the banter, piss-taking and wide-ranging conversations with my desk neighbours, doesn’t translate so well into a slack chat.

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